First Apple Crushing of 2011

October 24, 2011

This last weekend, I got my hands on 175 pounds worth of Golden Delicious. Admittedly, they were green, both green in color and in ripeness. A good Golden D will be yellow when ripe, and this was not. Still, I took them and in four hours crushed and pressed 12 gallons of juice, and spent another hour doing clean up and playing chemist. Being green, they came in at 1.040 SG, or about 5.3%. I decided to go ahead and bump up the sugar to a ripe apple of 1.055, or 7%. It was also a little high in pH, so I had to break out my lab equipment to test what the actual acid content was to add more to lower the pH.

Last year, I thought that the Golden Delicious cider had the best aroma, which is why they are the only non-cider apple I sought out this year. I filled two 5-gallon carboys and two 1-gallon glass jugs, and named one six gallon amount Doris and the other Eugene. Eugene is a little bit special in that I threw in some wine tannin to see if it does improve mouthfeel.

I did make it out to Venersburg for their apple tasting. I got there later than I did last year, and it just seemed like there was a line that shuffled around the room, so I got in it. As a result, I tasted way more apples than I had when I went to the Home Orchard Society’s All About Fruit Show the week before. How many? I think I tried 70 out of the 200 they claimed to have. I also really focused on crab apples this time, and sure enough, they got plenty of tannin.

I also took with me some apples to identify, and they were able to tell me that one of them was a King apple.  So that is cool knowing.


One Response to “First Apple Crushing of 2011”

  1. This is cool! I want to have my own apple cider too. I did a good job doing the work all by yourself.

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