Store Review: The Beer Junction

December 1, 2011

My husband and I were up in the Seattle area for Thanksgiving. Before we left for home, we asked if any of our Seattlite friends wanted to hang out, and one of my husband’s college roommates, who is now my lawyer, took us up on the offer. So we drove out to West Seattle, but we got there a little bit early. Walking around, we spotted a bottle shop and decided to go in.

What we found was The Beer Junction. The Beer Junction is probably the best bottle shop we have encountered in the Seattle area. The shop was well organized by beer style, which we like, and isn’t just some hodge podge of bottles thrown in the shop. We also felt like it was a very good selection of beer, and we found out from our friend that they are actually moving shop locations so that they can grow bigger.

We told ourselves before going in that we weren’t going to buy anything, but we ended up walking out with three bottles of beer. Admittedly, Full Throttle Bottle has a better selection of cider, and they also have a good selection of wine for the non-beer drinker, but their beer selection wasn’t as impressive as the Beer Junction’s.


We kind of feel like this is a little gem hidden off the beaten path and nestled into west Seattle.


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