Redneck Wine Glass

December 13, 2011

Normally, I don’t do holiday bazaars. Actually, I’m a bit of a Grinch who prefers Thanksgiving to Christmas. Christmas is 1) a lot of work to put up decorations only to take them back down 2) expensive for having to buy the decorations, and 3) a pain to shop for presents for people in a society that buys all the time, leaving nothing for gifts. Holiday bazaars are an extension of that, where half of everything there is Christmas related, and the other half just seems cheap. Somewhere in there is maybe 5% interesting and useful, like soap, but admittedly, I have a hard time wading through all that other stuff just to find the 5%.

But I did go to a bazaar, and I actually saw something that is cheap, but interesting and useful. Whimsical is probably the better word. Perkins Woodworks, who also does recycled art, was selling “wineglasses” made out of jars. Actually, I don’t really think I know any wine drinker who would drink out of one of these, but I could totally see someone serving cider in one. Also, I do know of breweries that will sell beer in jars, so maybe they would like these, too.

Redneck Wine Glasses

I figured that they were made from using epoxy glue to attach a jar to a candle stick holder, so they won’t exactly be dishwasher friendly. I started looking in stores for candle stick holders, and after five stores, I finally found something that might work, though I’m a little nervous that it doesn’t have much of a lip to act as a base. I started trying out different jars, and found that ones that are straight up and down look better, though I did have one little jar that looked cute, like a brandy sniffer. I also realized that all the jars I had are pint jars, and the original was smaller.

Redneck Brandy Sniffer?

One Response to “Redneck Wine Glass”

  1. Since I wrote this post, I stumbled across a website selling this type of drinking glass out of Florida.

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