Wine and Chocolate Wheel

February 8, 2012

There is a new wine cellar in Vancouver, WA called Koi Pond Cellars. They do sell koi fish, and they also have their own wine label (wine not made on site), and they also sell other regional wines. My husband Burtle and I went there a few weekends ago, when they were doing a wine and chocolate tasting.

Now this blog isn’t going to be about the wines, because, frankly, I didn’t take any notes. It is going to be about the chocolate and the pairings.

First, there were two white wines, one of which was Rusty Grape’s Riesling, which we like. Both wines were paired up with simple little tarts with cheese and mild fruit. They had some crackers and a spicy cream dip that actually went very well with the second wine.

When we got to the red wine, we were directed to go try it with four chocolates. Each time we had the wine, we had the same four chocolates. It was interesting how a chocolate could be our favorite one for eating, and how each time with a different wine, the favorite chocolate would change. And it was so simple! They had a mild dark chocolate, a stronger dark chocolate, chocolate with sea salt, and a mild chili chocolate.

In 2010 and 2011, we participated in the Clark County Wine & Chocolate Weekend held ever Valentine’s weekend. And every year, we keep saying that The Rusty Grape Vineyards does the best job. We have tried chocolate fondue, a box of chocolates, and even specific chocolate pairings. However, this system of setting out just four chocolates and trying them with the wine was probably more fun, simple, and still very very tasty.

I had also found a Wine and Chocolate Tasting Wheel. We did try it out, though we struggled a little with the aromas. As for the tastes, we got earthy notes on both dark chocolates. For the sea salt chocolate, it was throwing us into the nutty flavors, which Burtle thought that was due to nuts having salt on them. We did not apply the wheel to the pepper chocolate.

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  1. Karin Says:

    I totally just shared this with staff

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