February 15, 2012 News Digest

February 15, 2012

There have been some interesting news pieces that have come out the last few weeks, including:

February 2, 2012: The Gray Report Blog – ‘Obama considers huge shakeup in alcohol law, eliminating TTB.

The writer, W. Blake Gray, analyses what could happen if the TTB was dived up between the IRS and the FDA. Though the move is reported to be unlikely by Michael Kaiser of the TTB, such a move would require ingredient listing, calorie counts, and more accurate labeling of alcohol percentages. He expands on the process impact it would have on business, as the TTB denies things before hand, and the FDA fines afterwards, so security of a product hitting the market is in limbo.


February 2, 2012: Seattle Times, “Looks like liquor prices to go up, over fees from Initiative 1183.”

There is some speculation that distribution of liquor will become more expensive since the State of Washington can no longer provide that function since I-1183 passed.


February 2, 2012: Beernews.org, “Positive Contact: Dogfish Head, Deltron 3030 member collaborate on beer and cider hybrid.”

I don’t think this really needs an explanation, as it is Dogfish Head.


February 5, 2012: Los Angeles Times, “Beer Brewers revise playbooks to win back lost customers.”

Some market news regarding beer and beer advertising right before the Superbowl. It does say that hard cider sales grew 20% this last year.


February 6, 2012: Beernews.org, “MillerCoor’s Tenth and Blake acquires Crispin Cider Company.”

The article calls cider the fastest growing beer category, which MillerCoors wants a piece of by buying out Crispin. Crispin was reported to have grown 200% from 2008-2011, and is currently the number three cider producer in the US (which includes Fox Barrel Cider Company, purchased by Crispin in 2010). The article says that Crispin will run as an independent division of MillerCoors. Here is reaction from The Cidery regarding this news


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