Teaching How to Make Cider

April 18, 2012

A few weeks ago, I taught my first ever “How to Make Cider” class at my local homebrew store. I even got paid a little bit, which was nice. I went though it in about two hours. We did a little bit of tasting, and I did some presenting, and more tasting and more presenting and more tasting. Admittedly, my students were more interested in the apples and juice than they were the fermentation. Something to do with the work it takes before rather than the boring during.

The whole experience made me realize that while I did post about how to make cider awhile back, I really needed to upgrade that post to a page. So, today, I am unveiling a new page on my blog – How to Make Cider. This page is complete with my lecture handouts and links to great resources.


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