Touring Normandy France and Drinking Cidre Part IV

August 13, 2012

After abandoning La Route du Cidre on our trip, we made one more stop on our way to Honfleur for the night in Normandy, France. This stop was at Château du Breuil, whose cider I had believed I had had here in the states. Apparently, when research Honfluer, it had popped up, and I had gotten it confused with another place that does export cider, as this place only produces and cells calvados.

We pulled in at about the same time as a very large group of retired French folk. The main office told us either we take the tour with them for free in French, or we pay €4.50 each and wait 40 minutes for an English tour. We decided to take the free French tour.

They showed us the still first, which was actually the same one as we had seen back at Grandval, though this one looked automated and was possibly a continuous run. They had built the still building over a canal that they had dammed. I believe the water helps with the cooling of the still.

The still is actually running.

From there, we went to the barrel room, which was actually built in the 18th Century. Some of the barrels were oval shaped, which Henrik Mattsson wrote in his book Calvados: Guide to the Region and the Apple Brandy was to avoid taxes. It is harder to know the exact amount of calvados was in an oval barrel, and with a little bribe, one might “think” they have less liquid and therefore pay a smaller tax.

Exterior of the barrel aging cellar

Interior of the barrel cellar with tourists

Sight glass to show the level of calvados in the barrel

Afterwards, we went to the tasting room, and I was very tempted to buy some pommeau, but things got a little busy and we got ignored before the tasting was complete, so we left.

I went there expecting to find cider, but I was mistaken as they were defiantly only selling calvados and calvados products. Admittedly, we had gone on a beer tour the week before in Dutch, and even though we didn’t understand a word, we were fascinated by the tour which had all sorts of displays and we understood quite a bit. This time around, it was some gal gesturing in French, and we got bored.

Further Reading: Calvados: Guide to the Region and the Apple Brandy. 

Next Week: Cider Bars and Brands


4 Responses to “Touring Normandy France and Drinking Cidre Part IV”

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  2. Ritchie Says:

    Very nice blog! 🙂 We have just taken over a cider apple orchard in south Morbihan in Brittany. Shame I didnt see this blog earlier as I know an english guy who live in Lisores who has been making traditional French cider for decades.

    If you plan to re-visit France we would be happy to meet you and show you the ciders in South Brittany.

  3. […] Finishing up our trip to Normandy, we stayed the night in Honfleur before heading back to Paris to go home. I knew before we got to Honfleur that there was La Cidrerie, a cider bar and crêperie, so we headed there for dinner. […]

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