Touring Normandy France and Drinking Cidre Part V

August 20, 2012

Finishing up our trip to Normandy, we stayed the night in Honfleur before heading back to Paris to go home. I knew before we got to Honfleur that there was La Cidrerie, a cider bar and crêperie, so we headed there for dinner.

Interestingly, for being a cider bar, the menu only listed two kinds of cider – inexpensive mass produced and more expensive craft. This was one of the biggest shocks I had over in Normandy. Time and time again we would eat dinner and order cider, but we had no idea where it was coming from. It is like getting the house wine here in the United States, only it was the house cider in France.

Normandy was interesting for cider production from an American perspective. I am used to cider producers in the United States making very different ciders, where none of the ciders use the same juice. One might have more acid, and one more tannin. Of course one might be sweeter, but it was probably made from different apples than the ones that were dry. In Normandy, it is all the same juice, just a difference in how sweet or dry it is.

Sure, you can find brochures at the Tourist Information for you to come visit some of the cideries, but most seem to rely on random drive-bys deciding to stop. And there are so many of them that it is hard to choose who to stop and see, just like how I have a hard time picking wineries here to visit.

But the restaurants not saying who produced the cider is absolutely mind boggling to me as an American. We are always branding everything, and it seems the French hate branding.

Anyway, La Cidrerie had some good cider and I finally got the savory galette I had been craving the whole trip.

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