Touring Normandy France and Drinking Cidre Recap

August 27, 2012

If you are planning a trip to Normandy and want to experience the cider and calvados, here are my recommendations:

  • Never pay more than €4 for a champagne bottle of cider.
  • It is impossible to find ice. Wrap the bottle in frozen veggies to chill it.
  • Sample everything they are offering, which will probably only be one or two things.
  • Consider reading Calvados: Guide to the Region and the Apple Brandy
  • If you are in Bayeux, go to Lecornu.
  • Once you leave Normandy, it becomes almost impossible to find calvados, let alone reasonably priced calvados to take home. Make sure you get what you want while you are there.

If you decide to get a car and go out into the country side:

  • There will be cider everywhere in Normandy, from the D-Day Beaches to Mont Saint Michel and east to Honfleur. The best experience, however, will be on La Route du Cidre.
  • Study La Route du Cidre 
  • Look in every Tourist Information center for information on La Route du Cidre put out by Calvados Tourisme. Pick up any brochures on other cider and calvados producers while you are there.
  • If you do La Route du Cidre, either start at #14 near Beaufour and work your way south counter clock wise and end with #11 Grandval, or vice versa.
  • Go to Grandval.
  • Spring for the GPS unit when you get the rental car. You might not be able to navigate out of the city you picked the car up from without it.

Most importantly, have some fun. This is the land of cider, calvados, cream, and caramels, and apparently rain.

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