Cider News: October 2012

October 26, 2012

The cider pressing season is ramping up, and the news is reflecting that. Believe it or not, this isn’t everything, as I actually kind of censored and sorted through what I thought was more interesting to read. The really interesting ones business wise I put a star in front of.

Really, the tend of the news is this: hard cider sales are up 50% from the year before. I didn’t really grab the articles related to the apple crops, but they are a playing force this year. See, due to this year’s weather, the national apple crop is down 14%. The number one producer, Washington State, is up with its second-biggest apple crop in history, but this is an anomaly. Out of the next largest apple producers, New York is half of what it was last year, and Michigan is down 90%. Back east, they have a sweet cider/tourism industry hurt by this, as small crops = high apple prices = higher sweet cider prices in a weak general economy, reducing tourism. This all factors into farmers struggling to keep their orchards, so they are turning to making hard cider as a way to gain profit (see The Wall Street Journal video for the best explanation).

Here is the (mostly) US cider market news for October:

Please note that the US Cider Conference 2013 is February 7 & 8 in Chicago.

Other local SW Washington/Oregon news:

Other News:


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