Quit My Wine Club

March 4, 2013

I’ve been a member of a wine club for about two and a half years now. I went to about three quarters of the meeting a year, in which I enjoyed talking to fellow wine makers, getting feedback on my wine and cider, and eating some great food.

But it seemed like my wine club and I were never completely a great fit together. The obvious difference was that I am a young female, while most of them were retired males, and the wives didn’t make wine but instead told the men what they wanted to drink. I didn’t let that bother me, but the club was really formed so that they could band together and get large purchases of grapes for lower prices. As a result, the meetings all year long would be over what kind of grapes to get, the cost, the equipment, who was getting the grapes, etc. I was so bored.

The last wine club meeting I went to was in November, which ended up voting that each household start paying dues so the club could by equipment. While it was not my intention not to attend again as a way to get out of the dues, that seems to have happened. No, originally, I did not go back because of my health, and then I kind of dreaded hosting.

Meanwhile, Burtle took me to a meeting or two with his beer brewing club. While I’m not entirely thrilled with beer, I found it to be the same, yet different. For example, all of the brewers are male, and most of them older, maybe even retired. Burtle is young compared to them. Their wives sometimes attend, sometimes not, but if they do, it involves a bottle of wine instead of telling the husbands what to make. I’m kind of a novelty, as I’m not a brewer, but I totally understand the process and will ask a lot of questions of these guys. So, their meeting consists of them getting together, tasting each other’s homebrew. Sometimes they might talk about a style or yeast as an agenda, just like my wine group did, but the similarity stops there. There was no talk of buying things together as a club, like grains, hops, and a brewing system. These guys are just there to try the beer and get feedback.

And then it occurred to me after not attending for the third month in a row that despite missing the talking to wine makers, tasting wine, and eating food, I was really looking forward to my husband’s upcoming beer brewer’s meeting this month that I had only recently started attending. Or rather, I didn’t miss the drama of the business meetings my wine group had. Basically, I need a wine tasting club that is made up of wine makers who want feedback on their wines. I know there is a wine tasting society that meets once a month, but that costs $35 a meeting because I think the wine and food is pre-purchased every time. I want this to be… organic. I don’t mean chemical free, I mean a club that is natural and unforced.

I’m going to have to think about how to go about finding or setting up something like this.


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