June is Dairy Month 2013

June 3, 2013

Once again, it is June, which is dairy month! I haven’t been writing so much recently, but this month has me booked for three events, including a beer and cheese fest.

Earlier this winter, I came across an interesting news article about how the Seattle Cheese Festival was being canceled because it was too successful.  At first, it seems like a head scratcher – why would you shut an event down because it was too successful?

Because I love cheese, I went once in 2008 before I was blogging. Thing is, it was very crowded and hard to get to any of the booths to take a cheese sample. Burtle and I hate being in lines, which is part of the reason we go to beer fests right when they open so that we don’t have to stand in line. We love supporting new festivals because they aren’t crowded (yet).

But the Seattle Cheese Festival is free, unlike the beer fests. At the beer fests, you pay a token to get a sample, so the business owners are recouping the costs of the sample. At the cheese fest, this was not happening. One could argue that they may see an increase in sales, but I hardly doubt the increase in sales would offset the money shelled out by businesses for the samples.

When Burtle heard the news, he said he wondered if this would happen to the Oregon Brewer’s Festival.  He really likes going there, but it is really crowded and organizers admit they need to expand but have no room. The compromise, for now, was to expand the days. Burtle doesn’t really think this festival will close due to its rich history, but at the same time, he does wonder if it will become a victim of its own success.

I’m sad to hear that the Seattle Cheese Festival has closed. Hopefully, it will re-emerge at a different location and maybe with a more cost recovery type model. In the meanwhile, I’m excited to be going to a beer and cheese pairing event!


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