Review: 2013 Portland Beer and Cheese Fest

June 17, 2013

On Father’s Day, my husband Burtle, my friend, and a coworker of mine all went to the Portland Beer and Cheese Fest put on by The Commons and The Cheese Bar. In all fairness, by time my father decided he wanted to go, the tickets were sold out. Buy them early!

The ticket prices went up from when we went last year, from $25 to $32, but this is the second year, so it could have been adjusted for better cost recovery.  However, the format was still set up very much the same, where thy give you a kind of passport to get punched as you go from station to station. My co-worker said this is his favorite beer festival of the year. However, this passport actually makes me not think of it as a beer festival. It is definitely one of my favorite festivals of the year, but I don’t think of it as a beer specific festival. It isn’t about showcasing new and creative beers, but the pairings.

As for the cheeses, they varied a little bit, though I found most of them to be kind of middle ground flavors. I mean, some had more bite than others, but none of them were really stinky, robust, sharp, etc. A few times I switched out the cheese from the beer it was assigned and still found it to be just as good.

Again, I didn’t try all the beers, especially as the day wore on, but I did like Solera’s The Fez sour farmnouse blend, which was paired with an okay goat gouda from Central Coat Creamery. I surprised myself by finishing Upright Brewing’s Vienna Lager, which was paired with a cow cheese Mountina from Vintage Cheese Co. I actually ate all of the blue cheese from Rouge, which is very unusual for me.

We got there right as they opened, which is what we normally do. However, because they were not selling tickets at the door, there were a limited number of people, and they all seemed to come at the same time. Granted, it took a solid two hours for us to go through everything, but I think it might be worth it to hold off on going there until 3pm. However, there is something to be said about grabbing a table to set things down on to take notes, and, being a Sunday, having a little more time to sober up that evening. It is, technically, a school night.


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  1. […] Reverend Nat’s cider paired with a cheese suggested by The Cheese Bar, the same man who does the Cheese and Beer Fest. In fact, that is how I knew about this event, as I said they needed to do a pairing with cider. […]

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