I think in terms of maps and geography quite a bit. One day, it just came to me that I should make a map of where I have been and what I have blogged about. Click on the map to explore it. From there, click on each point to get information about it, including my blog write up if there is one.

To make it on to any of my maps, the business must have some sort of a web presence, and at least provide a city of operation to map.

North America Cider Producers Map

This is a map of places producing hard cider in North America. To qualify for being on the map, a producer must also say they are making cider with alcohol in it, hard cider, ice cider, or apple wine.

This information is based on the following sources, which were then further verified, researched, and expanded:

All locations are approximate.
Last Updated: January 23, 2012


Pacific Northwest Map


Last Updated: 1/23/2012


North America Mead Producers Map

Mead is an ancient drink of taking honey, adding water and yeast, and letting it ferment into a honey wine. Though it can be served dry, most prefer it sweet, and many will add other flavors, such as fruit, or even blending it with beer.

This is a map of mead producers in North America. Most of the information came from Got Mead?

Last updated: January 20, 2012


To see the old Google Maps I had created:

  • Click here to see the rest of the West with a little bit of East Coast events and other places I have blogged about.
  • Click here to see a map of just places I have visited.
  • Click here for a map of European ciders I have managed to get my hands on.

More maps:

  • A map of cider equipment supply stores and nurseries that carry cider apple trees.
  • A map of schools that offer certificates or degrees in fermentation or in the wine industry.

Other Sources of Places to Visit:




Cheese: Pacific Northwest Cheese Project lists artisan cheesemakers by state on the left

Orchards: Orange Pippin has a registry for orchards with a map.

Page Last updated: 1/20/2012

4 Responses to “Tour Maps”

  1. Lena Says:

    That’s awesome. I love a good map.

  2. Gerald Says:

    We make an apple cider press that is designed to solve the problems you are having with making cider.This is our first year on the markteet and we have already sold 11 all over the country.P.lease look at our web site and give us a call

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